At OTC Projects Ltd, we firmly believe the combination of our design management process, industry experience and passion for working in a collaborative manner are key to a successful outcome for our clients.

We have the capabilities and experience to manage the full development process from concept design, through the design and engineering phase for building and/or resource consent, and obviously the construction phase.

OTC Projects holds strong working relationships with professionals across all facets of the preconstruction phase. Just like main contractors’, design and engineering professionals have their skills and strengths which often suit certain development requirements. We pride ourselves on undertaking a thorough internal process prior to nominating the design and engineering team for our client’s consideration. If a client has their own preferred architects or engineers, then we are more than happy to work with them through this process.

We also understand the importance of a development or project being commercially viable for the landowner, developer, and/or tenant therefore emphasising the value in a main contractor with the knowledge and ability to not only provide cost certainty from and early stage of the project, but also offer cost effective solutions and/or alternatives throughout the developed design phase. A key skillset OTC Projects both possess and is passionate about, which is further supported by the strong position we hold commercially with industry suppliers and subcontractors, both locally and nationally.


  • Development/project feasibility reports
  • Design management – preconstruction phase
  • Project management – preconstruction and construction phases
  • Consent procurement – local and regional authorities
  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Multi dwelling residential construction

Our Process

  1. Initial consultation to understand client and project requirements
  2. Complete preliminary design and provide budget estimate proposal
  3. Design and engineering phase, complete developed design, procure consents
  4. Construction phase
  5. Project completion, handover, and code compliance certificate procurement


Delivering top quality craftsmanship with honest, reliable service.
No matter your building project size.

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